Keto Mojo

When following a fat-burning or ketogenic diet, it is important to accurately assess and understand your ratio of ketones and glucose. Keto Mojo is our favorite tool to dial in your metabolic flexibility! 

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The vagus nerve is the physical connection between the mind and the body. VeRelief stimulates the vagus nerve to help calm during stress response, and has been shown to be helpful for other issues related to the gut/digestion, sleep, and anxiety. Try the Mini or the Prime. We love them both!

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Theragun Mini Massager 

Deep muscle treatment, relieve aches and pains, reduce soreness, and speed up recovery. We also love these to break up fascia and move the lymphatic system! Hot tip: Use gently on lymph nodes while on a vibration plate for a cleansing, morning wake-up routine! 

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Gembared Light

We can help bring ourselves back to natural order by “supplementing” our light exposure with Red and Near Infrared light. Red Light therapy flushes lymph, produces natural melatonin, stimulates collagen, encourages repair to your muscles, organs, and glands, supports detox, and re-sets your natural circadian rhythm.

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Lifepro Vibration Plate

Vibrations stimulate mild micro-movements; flushing out stagnant lymph, encouraging a natural detox, and getting the body moving in the morning!

Hot tip: We love it while gently applying a massage gun on the lymph nodes for added drainage. 

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Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

Perfect for traveling or at-home use, this infrared sauna blanket increases the body’s thermal energy to sweat and raise in your metabolism, all while relaxing.

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