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Private Session w/ an InWella Practitioner

An a-la-cart private 50 min Zoom session with an InWella Practitioner to cover your most pressing concerns and questions (no testing). We're confident that it'll be the best Health Mastermind you've ever experienced.

Note: No Bloodwork will be discussed on this call.      [Limit 1 per Client.]

Blood Work / GI Map / DUTCH Hormone Results Session

Private Zoom session with an InWella Practitioner discussing test results: blood work, DUTCH hormone, or others - whether you have tests, or need them.

Session is split into 15 min to assess need, and a later 45 min session as evaluation. [Limit 2 per client]


Books & Audio

Peruse this curated collection, hand-selected for their ability to transform your knowledge and very soul, and see which you gravitate towards ... then dive in and be inspired, one a-ha moment at a time.


Our philosophy: most supplements are temporary, for a purpose, with a desired outcome. And we love natural and whole-food based options. Take a peek at our faves.

Lymph & Detox

Products and supplements selected to encourage and assist your body's natural detox pathways - when you're ready.


From water filtration, to containers, to pots and pans, and handy kitchen gadgets that will make preparing and enjoying healthy food uncomplicated. We've got you covered.

Health Gadgets

Proven tools that help you de-stress, anti-age, boost energy, or gather information about and track your health markers - all from the convenience of your own home.

Quality Food and Drinks

Our list of resources for all things coffee, matcha and other drinks. High quality oils, grass-fed/grass-finished meat, wild caught fish, and even healthier food delivery options - in a pinch.

Personal Care

Think lotions, potions, creams, balms, soaks, scrubs, and soaps ... each item is one we've told our friends, "ooooh, you have to try this!"

Professional Services

InWella loves working in tandem with the following professional services: Bio-Dentists, DEXA Scans, Thermography, VO2 Max, Body Comp Assessments, Metabolism Testing and more! 

Stress & Spirit

Woo-woo with some science to back it up. This is a great place to poke around if you're open to a lil' experimenting outside the standard health "box".


From filtered water and air to cleaning supplies, and everything in between. If you can't find it in any of the other categories ... you'll find it in here! Enjoy!

Resource Links: STOPS & STARTS

Your one-stop Resource Link Guide for all the STOPS & STARTS in our step-by-step, DIY Program (updated regularly!)

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